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What Is The Best Website For My Business?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


What Is The Best Website For My Business? No More Pixels Design Agency Essex UK Blog

To keep it easy for you to navigate, in this blog post we cover:

  1. Why should you have a website

  2. The different types of websites

  3. Summary + How you can build a fantastic website


Having a website for your business has become the standard, and it can help your business in many ways. Websites are a great way to showcase your products and services as well as give potential clients all the information they need to make a purchase decision or call for more information. Websites are a terrific way to improve effective services and running costs as well by making it easier for your team to do their jobs from anywhere in the world. And last but not least, websites are an excellent way to be seen globally to huge markets with just a single click of the mouse. If you don't have a website yet, now is the perfect time to get one!

With a huge range of possibilities for a website design. The real question everybody wants to know is... "What Is The Best Website For My Business?"

E-commerce Website Example:

E-commerce websites are good for:

  • Selling products

  • Running an online store

  • Increasing business to consumer sales

  • Building a brand

An E-commerce website is an online store that has the same features as a brick and mortar store. With this type of website, you can sell your products in addition to running a shop and increasing business to consumer sales. A site like this can also be beneficial for building a brand as it enables you to communicate with your customers and create content without having to rely solely on word of mouth or other traditional methods.

Although seen as the main type of online website with giants dominating the space such as: "Amazon", "eBay", "H&M" to name a few. E-commerce based sites aren't as beneficial if you are looking to start a service based business or brand for a few reasons.

Blog Website Example:

Blog style websites are best for:

  • Collecting leads & interest

  • Building an online community

  • Sharing knowledge & data

  • Building a personal brand

The format of a blog allows you to write about your industries sharing knowledge through links images and other content that can allow the reader to engage and become a fan of your content. Some of the most popular blogs work through a paid membership which allows the writer to charge members to see the content being shared. The main great benefit to having a blog based website is that it helps to build your SEO so that Google and other search engines rank you higher when people are searching for topics and terms related to your content. The only downside to a purely blog based website is that you may miss out on shop features and other benefits of having e-commerce or landing page style websites. It doesn't mean to say that these can't be included it just depends how much you want to focus on one element of the content sharing, versus trying to gather leads and create more of a branded feel. Most websites do however include a blog such as ours so it's a great addition to building out another type of website such as an e-commerce platform or more of a corporate website, then adding a blog to help boost your SCO and overall ranking as a trusted brand across the Internet.

Portfolio Website Example:

Portfolio websites are good for:

  • Showcasing your work

  • Promoting your style

  • Building awareness of your products

  • Creating online galleries to share

Portfolio websites are great for showcasing your work, portfolio websites are mostly known for being online galleries in which you can showcase different media and ideas related to your business or your services. Portfolio websites are great for showing clients that you've produced work in the past and they can see the finished result of that work or product, this allows them to them to make a purchasing decision on whether they want to work with you or someone else. Portfolio websites are well known in the design and art industry with popular websites such as Behance, Dribbble and similar sites being used to showcase creative work across the world. Although these sites may seem very tailored to the art and design world it's very common to have a portfolio example of work on any business website to show visual trust to consumers.

The benefits to having a portfolio-based website that you can showcase work and have a great visual presence for consumers to see at any time. The only downside is it depending on how you use the portfolio style website it could be limiting on your lead generation or business specific needs, so be careful to make sure that it has multiple functionality to make sales easier throughout.


These are just a few types of website and there are many more to be covered. Whether a portfolio based website blog-based website or an e-commerce-based website your business should think about how your clients will interact with your brand so that the user journey is strong throughout.

No matter the style of website if its designed properly and you think about your user journey then it should be effective and will work to create leads, sales and interest in your product or service.


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