Do you know your design history?

The Book "The history of Graphic Design Vol. 2 1960-Today" Is a brilliant piece of literature for any designers toolkit.

The large hardback book is packed full of over 50+ years of design inspiration. From emerging simplistic illustration and design trends in the 1960’s through to more modern digitally inspired and well rounded emotive design today. Each page is designed to perfection, making sure to take note of the rules that designs have followed over the last 50 years.

After every 10 years there is a bold blue summary page, which shows different pieces from that era of time and how they have developed. This may relate to the fact we tend to change trends every 10 years to keep things fresh. So looking back at how design trends developed throughout history not only increases your design knowledge, but adds content to your work with more reliable references.

The main reason I love this book (The History of Graphic Design 1960 - Today) is that it is huge. Literally heavy and big, it is packed full of content and the way I use it is to look through what inspires me whilst I am in the planning stage of a project. I have many other reads and books which i use, but this book is really nice to have open on the table when looking for ideas. It is a great read and a great gallery to look through.

If you are interested in getting yourself a copy, we have narrowed down the best price currently to buy which is Amazon. The book is currently £32.50 and worth every penny, Prime members also have the option to read this for free. Click here to find the book instantly.

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