You know what you do. But do you know why?

Knowing what you want to do is great. It allows you to know what you want to sell, what you want to offer or what you want to make. However knowing what you want to do isn't as good as knowing why you want to do something.

"Because in business it doesn't matter what you do, it matters why you do it." - Simon Sinek

The same business principle relates to design also. There are many crossovers between design and business, this is because to have a business work well, you need to create it and the creation process takes on a lot of design theories.

The main design theory of knowing why you do something is generic. Before I work on any project I ask what am I going to do and why am I going to do it, as this allows me to set rules which I can stick to or break with an understanding of why.

The main reason why is important in design is to know just that. Why are you doing this. Why are you making your website designed to look like this? Why are you making your logo and brand use specific colours. There are hundreds of questions that all add up to building your purpose, and your purpose is what will allow consumers to trust and relate to your brand.

To find your why, start asking yourself more questions. Why are we doing this? Why did we start this project, what did we want to get from it? The more you ask yourself the more you can research and understand to find the answers.

The book "Start with why - By Simon Sinek" has been heavily promoted by designers and business owners and for good reason. The book focuses on previous groundbreaking and wealthy companies such as Apple, and breaks down what they did to show their why in promotions and campaigns. I read this and realised what my why was with No More Pixels. My what is to reduce design miscommunication and add wealth to design. But my why is stronger and more passionate. My why is because everybody has bright ideas and those bright ideas deserve to shine bright.

Design is full of wealth. It is misunderstood such is the process of design. The more you can understand the process as business owners, the more you can create with purpose, to strengthen your brands and increase your visual communication with your audience. This is why No More Pixels is here, to help educate and promote what great design should be and great creative thinking.

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