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How to gain more traffic to your website.

Location Based SEO gain more traffic showing a map of aisa business

How to gain more traffic to your website - 3 things every business should do part 1.

Virtual PO Box for google reviews and location based trafficking.

What is a virtual PO Box and how can this help?

A virtual PO Box, you receive a real street address to which your mail can be sent to. Normally a monthly recurring set up fee would be in place for mail to be sent to your new PO Box. Your business can use this address for a number of advantages.

Does your business have no location?

A great advantage to having a virtual PO box is that you can link this address to your google business account to become recognised in an area you are located in. If you were to run your business from a high populated area, this will give a bigger range of potential leads and better visibility towards your business. This is done by leads looking for a service in an area close to them, your business in a more populated area would have more daily visits due to the higher number of people.

Great benefits

This works really well with businesses run from home. If you are running a business from home and you need to showcase your address, the last thing you want to do is throw your home address up on the internet. The virtual P.O.Box will secure you a safe location to display your business. Showcase products and services on your google business page when locals find your business using maps.

Displaying your business/products

Try to display your products easily with clean and clear shots of your service in action. Or display results from your service if you are a saas based business. This allows customers to get a feel and trust your business from the first instance.

Posting to your google business page
  • Google My Business Allows You to Appear in Maps and Local Pack Listings, It's Highly Visible.

  • It Enables Users to See the Information They Need at a Glance.

  • Reviews Improve Local SEO.

  • Reviews Increase Sales.

  • Reviews Show What Customers Think About Your Business.

  • More views & search queries.


Struggling with leads?

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