Why it's important to be nice in design.

It is more than important to be nice in any job you do, no body wants to deal with someone who would swiftly tell them to *#** off. But with jobs such as design, which are predominantly based on solving problems, it's especially important to hold your tongue if things get a bit stressful.

Designers have varied skill sets which are all different in trade and subject, but all tackle problems in similar ways, which helps clients achieve goals they could not themselves. But it is not important for the designer just to be nice, it is especially important to be nice to designers as the client.

When great designers are taking on board your projects, they do so with passion, commitment and understanding. This means they are being empathetic and sympathetic all at the same time, which can be tricky, especially with clients act brash and rude, but still expect you to deal with every single issue they throw your way without thought.

It is important to be nice in design as the skills and creative thinking on offer will excel your ideas far beyond your problems and maybe iron out your issues completely, It will all rely on how you communicate your needs and the way you do so.

A lot of people in general are more problematic and frustrated when they don't understand why they are doing something. The miscommunication and misunderstanding leads to more uncertainty and frustration like a bad recurring cycle. A great read to question your purpose is "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek. The book sold over 171,000 copies in it's 7th year on sale (2018). I read it when starting No More Pixels and it helped me to break down questions I needed answers for to build strong foundations for my brand.

Nobody wants to deal with someone who expects the world at a click of a button. This is the same for design. As much as we see quick design being sold online, great design takes time and the simple act of being nice, will allow your brands to thrive in success with the right design team.

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