Kick Start Your Business Design in 2020

Is it possible to explain the best ways to kick start your business using football analogies? YES Analogies are one of the best to express key points of information to your audience and I personally love a visual metaphor. Do you?

Kick starting your business is like setting up a football team for their first game. You need to start by selecting the best players for your team, these are the design assets which you select to work together to get the results (goals) you want.

Choosing which assets you need in your team is important. Example:

Business cards

Social media

Leaflets & brochures

Website or online store

Mobile application

Different assets work for different businesses. But this is a basic asset list as those all help to design for and promote business services to potential clients. Once you have selected the assets you need to build your team it's then time to reach your audience through development and planning.

Once you have your team in place and know which assets to use it's time to push those assets forward to work together in attracting and reaching new clients. The best way to do this is to believe in yourself and become your number one fan.

If you can become your number one fan then you will show others that they should also love what you do. Therefore attracting a following to your brand, if your assets are also built into a team and you make the design work together then they have even more reason to stick around and become loyal supporters as they will become attracted to your brand style.

The key to strong planning. Is knowing how each asset will perform in the position you give it. So make sure to work out why each asset will help your brand perform well out in the field (marketplace) as this will be crucial to pushing your brand further than the rest by using a well formatted plan.

For example I have my "Brand Plan" in goal:

My overall Brand Plan is like a goalie as it saves me from letting any visual weakness pass. I use it to stop attacks and look back to it if I need any guidance.

My Website acts like a striker because:

Just like a striker my website is upfront to close in on leads and communicate my targets and goals to gain the right clients to work with.

Kick start your business in 2020 by creating your team, shouting to your audience and then formatting your brand plan to align with your goals and business targets.

Now go out there and score the best goals of your life.

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