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Digital Marketing Plan - How To Become Better at Multi-channel Marketing In 10 Minutes

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Digital Marketing Plan - How To Become Better at Multi-channel Marketing In 10 Minutes

To keep it easy for you to navigate, in this blog post we cover:

  1. The basics of multi-channel marketing (what is multichannel marketing?)

  2. Multi-channel marketing - why it matters

  3. How to improve your engagement using multi-channel marketing


1. The basics of multi-channel marketing - what is multichannel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing defines the practice of interacting with customers via a combination of indirect and direct communication channels – websites, in store promotions, leaflets via post, other direct mail, emails, social media content, mobile sms, etc.

It normally enables your customers to take an action in response. These are preferably to buy your product or service offering by using the channel of their choice. To keep it simple, multichannel marketing is all about choice and using multiple channels to reach your customers through different touchpoints.


2. Multi-channel marketing - why it matters

Multi-channel marketing matters in the simplest answer:

It allows your messaging to be seen across multiple platforms where your audience may have increased awareness and interest to your offering.

This means in essence that having multi-channel marketing for your business with allow your audience to capture your messaging at a time that suits them. The increased awareness from being on multiple platforms means that not only will your messaging be seen through different media but it will be understood differently by your potential clients. This is because they may be interacting with those multiple channels in different ways, e.g. leaflets in the post will have a different engagement tone and feel (more personal) compared to somebody viewing your social media feed.

Not only does it matter to be on multiple channels for the above reasons, your audience will have touch points that can be accessed through choice at a time that suits them. This means that when making purchasing decisions they may feel more in control and more likely to make that decision instead of being hard sold your offering at a time you think is best.

Of course there are examples of multichannel marketing which is campaign based and paid promotion; a good example of this is the most recent UberEATS adverts where the use of sound was the main element that allowed you to know what advert you were about to view whether you were on social media or watching the TV, the sound was upbeat and stood out to competitors. This is the level of multi-channel campaigns you should push for when working with a marketing agency such as ourselves.


3. How to improve your engagement using multi-channel marketing?

Improving your marketing engagement and overall brand awareness using multiple channels is a key skill that many brands/ medium to large size businesses utilise with paid media. However having said that there are key ways that you can do this on an organic basis if you're a smaller business and you want to try and gain more awareness for your branding and marketing offers.

The best way to do this is to take note of all of the campaigns that you found effective across printed media, TV, or social. Break down the elements which you think make those campaigns more effective and white cut your attention for instance you might like an advert like we stated above for its use of upbeat sound. Once you have identified the main communication technique that makes those adverts effective whether sound or just effective design, keep note of this whether mental or physical and use this as a basis to then plan a campaign for your company.

To improve your engagement you need to make sure that your campaign is effective and has consistent messaging across all the platforms, it's no use having one colour showing on print and then another colour showing on digital as this may confuse your consumers is to see the brand they're looking at. Make note of which platforms you plan to use; you may choose to use social media your website and a printed leaflet these are the most common types that can be used for a simple multi-channel marketing campaign.

Once you've settled on the platforms and medias that you want to share for your multichannel campaign you then need to think about engagement and how you can attract more audience to that in the first place. The easiest way to do this if you have an infinite budget is to spend for paid media and paid ads however we would recommend that you take strengths out of organic reach and try to contact local communities groups and areas which would have interest in what you're offering.

When your campaign is in place you can add additional multi levels and strengths to your marketing by engaging with your audience, this can be done with a range of techniques but the most popular would be to message and contact those who seem interested in what you have to offer and try and spark a conversation with them on a personal level. This is one of the most effective engagement strategies that seems to be coming about in 2022 and we highly recommend you learn more about engagement marketing strategies to use this with multichannel marketing for your business.

Our team at no more pixels has written an engagement marketing strategies book which allows you to understand the best ways to reach out online to your audience. Learning these techniques combined with understanding platforms will give you the front foot against your competition when planning your next campaign. The marketing engagement strategies e-book is free and you can download it from the link below.


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