Sharpen Your Image.

Welcome to No More Pixels.

We believe everybody has good ideas. But we also understand there is a lot of miscommunication in creative fields. "Sharpening your image" is about sharpening your tools as a business owner/ entrepreneur for future product and brand ambitions.

Do your homework with us. Learn key and current design ideas and increase the strength of your visual impact.

The way social media has grown into our lives is astonishing. The visual presence of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram holds so much power over social interactions, psychology and even the way we interact with business and the market place.

Through these advances in social interaction; image and content is growing more powerful than ever before. Images and content don't just appear. They rely on design; they are created, but how can we understand this new wave of visual communication to benefit our ideas, businesses and interactions fully?

That's where NMP comes in. Once you understand the basis of design and how visual communication works, you open up new tools in your own skill set to engage and push your ideas further.

Quick design is taking over. Design which is cheap, easy and not thought through has gone main stream. Why? Because people have made applications and tools that are easy for people to create a quick brand, logo or design. But with creating these quick designs if you are not a designer then how will you know what tone, context or audience you are designing for? How do you know what areas of visual communication you need to show in design? Does the text need to be bold to shout, thin to be soft, all caps to shout even louder, do the colours have to be bright, soft, pastel, smooth or contrasted?

We know. We understand. If you don't; then how will you be able to create effective designs? If you cannot create effective visual communication with your audience that speaks your own style then you will become lost in the marketplace.

90% of startups fail. That equates to 9 out of 10. This may be down to a bad idea or bad money strategies or investments. But a lot of this falls down to visual communication. With companies being so accessible through social media we have also made a competition. A survival of the fittest and most recognised in the marketplace.

Start ups may fail. They may succeed. But if you want to know how your idea, start up or business can have the best foundations; subscribe to us and follow our journey. We will be posting content and collateral which inspires you to learn and self-educate design principles and it's benefits for you. Design is huge, it's all around us. Everything is designed. You may not be good at it. But understanding it is the key step to making your ideas grow and excel. It gives you a base on which to communicate with creatives and designers effectively. Therefore making your time well spent and creating potential to maximise your returns.

Everybody has bright ideas, make yours shine. Lets say "No More" to confusing visual communication. This is our goal and this is what we mean by "No More Pixels".

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