Stop wasting money in design.

The design process can be a complex journey. It can involve planning brilliant ideas, and working carefully with clients to think of ways to turn bright ideas into professional designed outcomes.

One problem we see in the design industry are last minute, silly amends that are born out of miscommunication. In design there will no doubt be a few changes here and there in a project. But when a brief hasn't been planned properly it means the end result may end up being a re-brief upon re-brief until the client or yourself are moderately satisfied. Costing more time and money than needed.

This happens often when a design or project is started without knowing what you would like to produce, either as a designer or a brand owner. It's the same problem as not knowing what to wear in the morning. You will most likely go through every outfit in your wardrobe. Then end up wearing the first one you picked out. All the time that you wasted trying on other outfits, is the same difference as sending a designer loads of amends on a project in which you haven't planned properly, because you will most likely end up going back to the first design option.

So; when designing or sending a brief to a designer. The best way to get effective results without wasting time and money on more amends is to:

1. Plan carefully

Make sure your planning makes sense. If you are planning a project or new creative it's always best to go back and double check that the planning makes sense and has enough information before going onto stage 2...

2. Design with intent

Whether you are a designer or business owner, make sure the design has intent towards the final goal. Use the planning and absorb as much information from it to make the design work in your favour.

3. Be careful with amends

Be careful that amends make sense and will steer your project towards the end goal. The most unproductive amends are ones which you suggest without thinking. If you are unhappy with a design sometimes it is best to leave it until you plan a solution to the problem. Otherwise you will lose time and money going through amends upon amends until you agree to stop and settle for the outcome.

Never be afraid to go back to the planning stage when working on a creative project. Planning is key to not letting final last minute amends outweigh the whole design process, these amends should be the information you provided in the first place. Keep up the communication and your outcomes will be concise and strong.

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