Take Any Stress Out of Design Projects

Keep design fun. Not only for yourself but for your clients. The more fun you have with creativity, the more likely you are to generate those top tier high quality results.

Here are our top ways to keep your design projects fun:


Play around with your work, don’t get stuck thinking about one final result, as this can make your work not strong enough from trial and error. Try out different routes until elements are seamlessly working together with each other to match your quality and the clients needs.

Study Trends

Study trends that excite you as a designer. This will keep you excited and proactive to engage and create to that level. The best results in design come from looking at history and what has been made before. Then you can see how your work could adapt to match a trend or fit in with your added style.


Listen to your favourite tracks whilst designing. Music can really help you focus and set a tone within your work. It's very underrated for helping the creative process. Music really is an essential when designing.


Tough project? Try to remember why you pursued design, what do you love about it? Can you bring that into the current process? This is a great little trick if your work is becoming pressured or starting to stress you out. Try to remember what you love about design, especially if the work you are doing is quite mundane and boring. Can you add your own flair and skills to help it? Or might you have to grit your teeth on this one until it's finished?

How do you keep design fun?

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