Top 3, free stock image & artwork sites.

Online there are billions of potential design elements, images, videos and media to use towards promoting your brand. As a designer we utilise these assets to help speed up and strengthen our design process, sort of like a builder using bricks from a shop, instead of creating the bricks from clay then using them. As this would be timely and not effective in the long run. In design using assets works the same.

The most original and high end exclusive design is thought through, planned and captured. However with so many assets available it is also easy to create strong designs that utilise online stock sites. All it takes is knowing which sites to use and how. Below are our top 3 stock sites to use when increasing your design and brand awareness.

1. Freepik - Freepik is basically a smaller version of Shutterstock, it has more than 4 million pieces of content, Including: PSD files, Images and Vectors. We rate Freepik highly as it lets you have a free limit of daily downloads, which is more than useful as a designer or brand owner as you can download assets without needing to worry about extra costs. Of course some content is premium only which you can only purchase with a plan, but for the amount they let you use we would definitely recommend them.

2. Pexels - We rate Pexels highly because it has good quality professional photography that is free to use as long as you abide by their outlined licenses. There are options to buy a plan, but if you use the free license you can use the imagery carefully to help your brand grow visually. It is also a useful design tool as you can utilise imagery to help you increase design work without needing to go out and shoot yourself. As long as you abide by their usage rights, we rate Pexels almost as good as Getty Images because has really good content from great individual professionals.

3. Flat Icon - Flat Icon is a huge online vector base which has over 1.9 Million different icons to use. We rate Flat Icons highly as all the assets have various different styles and colours to choose from. If you use the site carefully it is a really nice asset to increase your design work, as you can adapt and use the free icons to help your visual communication grow.

Paid plans on premium stock asset sites will always be the highest quality, however using free stock sites are a great way to experiment and increase visual awareness for your brand. If you use them carefully you can achieve great results that will attract more people to engage with your content.

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