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How to Create a Great Profile Image for Your Social Media Business Profile

Ever wondered - "How do i Create a Great Profile Image for my Social Media Profile?"

Using the correct profile image on your social media business profile isn’t just important, it’s crucial in design for business! We’re not just talking about having a good-looking facebook profile picture design, either—we’re talking about presenting yourself to the world in such a way that you instantly stand out. A great profile image on your social media business profile will be something people remember and want to engage with, so don’t make the mistake of skimping on this part of your business promotion.

Taking time to design for business success is key. Follow our steps below...

Setup your social media profile for your business

It's important that your social media profiles are setup and linked together. This will make it easier to share your profile image with your followers. First, you need to create an account on Facebook or any other social platform. Be sure to include your business' name and link the account with the company email. Once you've created the Facebook profile, then go on and create all other profiles. Include your business name, website address and all info in these profiles as well.

Linking and setting up your social accounts will allow you to upload your perfect profile image design so that it stays consistent across all your social media platforms.

Edit and design your logo to suit the profile picture dimensions

Making sure you design your profile image to work well in high contrast is the first step to creating a great profile image. The original graphic design should be in vector format, so it can scale up and down without losing quality. This will make sure that your logo is crisp and clear no matter the size. Once you have selected the size you want your profile picture, you can start designing.

The best profile pictures will use your logo. This is because when designing your social media profiles for business you need to think about:

• How my image scales at multiple sizes

• Where my profile image is used on different devices (comments - shares - small - large)

• How will my audience see my profile image

• Will it be clean and clear

These points are key to designing your image to be strong, a pixelated logo just won't cut it in todays high quality world. Think about other brands, look at their profiles, how are they scaling their logo, colours or other branded areas to look recognisable at a glance?!

Once you learn that formula of scale, contrast and how to show your branding on different devices then your profiles will look consistent and easily recognisable. Top tip - most social media profile images need to be designed at 1080x1080 pixels

Show off your branding with your new image standing strong

Once you have designed your image to be strong or used No More Pixels design agency to design a top quality brand for you.

Then it's time to shout your brand out there! We cover top ways of doing this in our free e-book - Click here for your very own FREE copy.

Put your image on all of your social media, or even just update your facebook profile picture to start. Use it in groups and forums. Add it to everything! It is not just an image, but it represents who you are and where you want to go. You need to use that image everywhere and shout about yourself at every chance. Start talking about how great you are wherever people will listen; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc... this will allow people to see you and how great your product and service is with design for business.


No More Pixels are a design agency based in Essex who cover London and the UK. We partner with companies like yours to offer design help and support across many different packages. We make your brands and businesses look good. Using Professional graphic design and marketing across print, digital, web, motion and social media.



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